Growing Maize under plastic degradable film, Maizetech Ltd., Ireland

Maizetech Ltd., Ireland

John Foley, Maizetech Ltd., with maize
Maizetech Ltd is Ireland's leading maize seed, sprays and film supplier.

Maizetech, under the leadership of John Foley, works closely with seed suppliers and farmers to develop best practices for selecting and growing maize seed varieties to achieve the highest yield of maize for different areas of the country with varying weather, soil and crop conditions. Maizetech is customer focused, providing independent advice to its growers and potential growers. Advice on growing all types of maize can be provided, forage maize, ground ear maize, grain maize and moist grain maize and suitable seed varieties recommended and supplied.

The company has pioneered the practice of growing maize under photodegradable plastic in Ireland. Over 26,000 acres of maize is sown annually under plastic in Ireland, representing over 70 per cent of the maize crops. Most of which has the backup support of Maizetech.

Ground that was sprayed under plastic at time of sowing
Maize silage is recognised worldwide as a high quality winter feed for livestock. The work of Maizetech and its partners has led to the release of maize varieties adapted to the colder North European and Irish climates and offers Irish beef and dairy farmers the opportunity to exploit the valuable assets of this crop.

Contact Maizetech to obtain the most suitable maize varieties, seed and herbicide supplies backed up by the companies outstanding support and advice network.