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The selection of a particular hybrid for cultivation inevitably varies according to the different criteria a grower has.  In many situations yield is of paramount importance but earliness of maturity is usually another critical factor. 

Other factors such as standing power, silage nutritional quality and end-use intentions e.g. whole plant silage fed to livestock or used for biogas production should be taken into account.  No single hybrid will suit all situations.

We recommend you consult with John and Maizetech staff to ensure the best possible hybrid to suit your situation.

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Justina is the great all-rounder whedar sowing under film or in the open. Justina has been able to provide growers with consistent yields of quality silage.


P8200 is a tall large stature intermediate maturity hybrid with very high potential yield similar to Benicia.  One of its main characteristics is its ability to produce two equal size cobs and 8 – 10 days earlier maturity.


P7892 is a very early maturity hybrid and is suitable for growing under film in the least favourable locations.  Its characteristics are very good early vigour and very fast stover dry down.


Benicia is a late maturity tall large stature and high yielding hybrid for sowing under film only.  It remains a very popular variety on favourable sites.